I had discovered the intimate, garden-living-room feeling of Kreuzberg’s Freiluftkino – the open-air cinema. That shared public, yet simultaneously private experience, has suggested the idea of projecting something on the large living room window, which will act as the screen and be visible to most of the residents of our building. Since we can look onto each other’s little ‘television sets', I will communicate with my neighbors through this shared medium of the balcony stage. My public intervention will take place in a public space, but at arm’s length and from the comfort of our respective airy cocoons.

I use three of the apartment’s picture windows as frames, like those of a comic strip and make drawings out of light tubes – a white cloud, a blue flying table, a yellow tilting chair – the unstable narrative of home and shelter. Another version of this project would incorporate a coordinated time-delay lighting scheme to create the sensation of several changing, moving images – the slowest animation in the world.

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