Milk. Milk. Lemonade.
Group exhibition

Toronto, ON

The joyous refrain of the summer playground. You’re eight, and the neighbour-kids are coming over after school for a game of show-me-yours. Things are all a-buzz.

Decades later, Muddy York’s milk has run dry, and she’s casting her smog-filled flatulence over the city and gleefully pissing a steady stream of acidic lemonade into Lake Ontario. All the while we stand by incredulous with the neighbour-kids, thumb-in-ass, and wonder aloud, “This is where the fudge is made?”

It’s summer, and the York MFA students have brought a sample of their work downtown, this is their group exhibition. Herded together over the course of the year in a dark windowless room, we, a group of moaning rabble-rousing malcontents have come together one last time for a game of you-show-me-yours-and-I’ll-show-you-mine.



Opening Reception: Friday, July 27, 8 pm to 10 pm
Exhibition: Wednesday, July 15 until Wednesday, August 15, 2007
Gallery Hours: Wednesday through Saturday, noon to 5 pm

The Redhead Gallery 401 Richmond, Suite 115 Toronto ON

angela delbuono
atom deguire
don allain

eric matthew
jay wilson

jesse bellon
joe hambleton
john abrams

kiki athanassiadis
kristi ropeleski

lauren nurse
lucy howe
mary porter
mike stevens
nadine bariteau

niknaz tavakolian
robyn cumming
stephanie chabot
svava thordis juliusson
tom blanchard